IV Vitamin Therapy Business Consulting Services

Interested in the business of IV vitamin therapy, but need someone with industry expertise to eliminate the trial-and-error of starting up a new business?

We’ve been in your shoes. When we founded Drip Drop, we hired a consultant who proved to be immensely valuable in helping us reach where we are today. That experience, coupled with our own research and real-world expertise, has allowed us to work out the kinks so that you don’t have to.

Our consultation packages are customizable to meet your business needs. We take the time to truly understand where you are and where you’re going. Through a series of one-on-one meetings and hands-on training, our Director of Operations will walk you through a variety of topics to ensure you have the knowledge and tools to be successful.

Consultation topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Industry-leading medical practices and standards of care
  • Product creation and management
    • Most efficient and effective medical supplies for the industry
    • Drip combinations, dosing, and benefits
    • Best vial wholesalers for quality and cost
  • Business best practices and strategies
  • Operational best practices
  • Legal considerations and best practices


So Informative

“My husband and I had a consultation with IV Drip Drop to learn the steps to opening our own IV Bar. We flew in from Delaware to attend the consultation. It was the best decision we could have made. The class was so informative and gave us step by step and hands on training to move forward with opening our IV Bar. Shannon (Director of Operations) presented the information and was very knowledgeable in regards to the IV Bar business. I must also add that Shannon had a beautiful personality and made the training a fun experience too. Both my husband and I feel so much more excited about the decision we made to open an IV Bar.” -A and L

An Amazing Investment!

“We invested in consultation services with Shannon at Drip Drop/Alive + Well and it was worth every penny! The information was well organized, concise and comprehensive. Her experience is invaluable to other IV companies, such as ours, just starting taking much of the guess work out of so many aspects. Talking to Shannon was like talking to a long lost friend, very warm and welcoming. We are grateful for the service and look forward to our ongoing relationship with Shannon as we embark on our new business venture!
” -Carey

Learn From The Best

“If you want to learn from the best, look no further. Shannon and her team have put together an unforgettable experience worth every dollar. This group has perfected the business of IV therapy giving you insight into the do’s and don’t’s, from marketing to training to bedside manner, they cover it all. My team and I came prepared with a list of questions, which Shannon was able to answer and put our minds at ease. She genuinely wants you to succeed and continue to facilitate the growth of this profession. The space is almost as inviting and amazing as the staff, which is a compliment to the staff because the space is incredible. This is so much more then a binder full of notes and you’re on your way. Having the opportunity to observe the staff-patient interaction all the way through to the hands on training in concocting a bag and preparing it for use has given us the confidence to bring this knowledge back to our practice and we look forward to the day we can offer our clients the same services.

This will be worth every second of your time, I highly recommend IV DripDrop for any and all consulting services for those interested in starting a IV therapy service of their own.” -Dr. B

Incredible Experience
“Chelsea and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our consultation day. It was an incredible experience. What you have offered us is an opportunity to effectively pursue our dream of owning and operating this business, and we are truly grateful.” -DL

Helped Navigate This Unregulated Industry
“IV Drip Drop was extremely helpful in getting my practice started with IV fluid hydration- as it is an unregulated industry they have brought some structure and streamlined the introductory process. Shannon was very helpful thorough and detail oriented We really appreciate all the help thanks again! ” -AVossMD

Shannon has Expert Knowledge
“Drip Drop at Alive and Well is top-notch! Shannon has superior expert knowledge in the foundations of the IV therapy business. I can’t convey how thankful we are to have found Drip Drop’s business consulting package. I highly recommend them if you are even considering starting in the IV therapy business. Truly one of our best investments in starting our own wellness clinic, Midtown Medical featuring the Drip Lounge Vitamin Bar, in Norman, OK.” -Melinda

Truly One Of Our Best Investments
“I cannot even begin to put into words or convey just how grateful I am to have found Drip Drop IV’s business consulting package. The investment was well worth our time and money and I cannot recommend doing this enough if you or anyone you know is considering starting an IV business. My business partner and I are both nurses and have been in the wellness industry for years and re-creating what they offer in their consulting package would have taken us years. Not only did we experience hands on learning, but also, we were equipped with tons of resources to take home and get started. Shannon is so incredibly kind, organized thorough and an amazing teacher! She answered all questions that we had and took the time to explain in detail everything you need to know from the ground up. I seriously cannot recommend this service enough and I know that if you do it, you will feel the exact same way. Truly one of our best investments in starting our own wellness center. Excited to get started and forever grateful for our time with Shannon and the Drip Drop team! OH SO VERY THANKFUL that we consulted with you guys- it’s really paying off in this set up process.” -TH

Highly Recommend This Service
“Shannon at Drip Drop is an expert in helping shape the IV Hydration therapy business strategies. Having leverage Shannon’s skills as both a nutritionist and consultant I would not hesitate to recommend her service to others wanting to fast track in the IV therapy Hydration business.” -Dalasi

The Experience Was Invaluable
“Thank you so very much for the wonderful experience this past weekend. The knowledge and experience gained is invaluable and I would definitely recommend the consult to anyone looking to open a wellness business. I look forward to keeping a relationship with you and Alive and Well in the future.”

Invaluable Information
“Shannon was exceptional in teaching us the foundations of the IV therapy business. In the condensed course, she was able to deliver documentation which we will be able to apply over the life of our business. She was very organized and was willing to answer all of our questions. She delivered salient considerations and I would recommend her to anyone looking for sound consultation.” -Jennifer

This Was The Best Investment
“When my wife and I decided to take my medical experience and her business experience and open an IV Hydration and Wellness Bar, we set out to do as much research as possible. To our surprise, there was very little that we could find in the way of business models or just any good information at all. With this realization coming to light we decided to hire our attorney to do a research project for us and he couldn’t come up with much more. Then one afternoon while browsing the internet our prayers had been answered. We found Alive and Well, Drip Drop and most importantly – Shannon! We are located in Tennessee and we elected to spend the extra money and do the in house one day consultation. It was worth every penny! We arrived to a warm welcome from Shannon, Adam and all the staff. They treated us like family, teaching us, feeding us, hydrating us 😊 and giving us an all access pass to the entire ins and outs of the organization. We would not be anywhere near as far as we are today had it not been for this consultation. On our books, its no longer listed as an expense, its listed as an investment. We would highly recommend this consultation to anyone, anytime! Shannon and her staff will make sure that you have ALL the tools you need to be successful.” -Tennessee Hydration and Wellness

Shannon is Extremely Knowledgeable
“We found consulting with Drip Drop extremely valuable to begin our business in IV vitamin therapy. We explained to Shannon what it was we were looking for and she sent us a detailed outline of what they would include during our consultation so we knew exactly what to expect; and, she followed through with every step. Being that we are in another state, we were able to set up meetings via Skype and corresponded through e-mail as well. The whole process was smooth and saved us a TON of time and research. Shannon was always quick to respond if we had any additional questions. Shannon is extremely knowledgeable in this industry and very passionate about it, too, which really made us feel comfortable choosing them to consult. We highly recommend going through Drip Drop for consulting whether you are looking to offer IV vitamin therapy in your existing practice or you want have a standalone business that exclusively offers IV vitamin therapy.” – The Fluid Lounge

This Was Essential For Our Success
Reaching o
ut to Shannon at Drip Drop IV has been the best decision we’ve made in what has been such a valuable advantage to start our new IV  business.  Shannon and the medical staff at Drip Drop IV were greatly professional and their vast knowledge and passion is attributed to their obvious success. Throughout the consult they were able to do a thorough needs assessment and were able to communicate very well on all aspects of the operations. This very consult is essential to our future success.  Shannon & the medical staff at Drip Drop IV were extremely organized; she presented and executed an excellent training session and I was very impressed with her thoroughness & professionalism throughout the entire process.” 

Shannon Walked Us Through The Process Step-By-Step
“Prior to opening our first store, we went through Drip Drop’s remote consultative services and we could not be more pleased.  We worked with Shannon who was incredibly knowledgeable and walked us through the process step by step while answering all of our questions along the way.  Being able to leverage their standards, best practices, and daily routines was a huge time saver and a huge money saver.  As the Operations Director, this has given us the ability to open our doors to the public way sooner and with 100% certainty in our customer’s safety, comfort and satisfaction.  We highly recommend using Drip Drop’s consultative services!”

Impressed By The Professionalism
“From my first phone conversation with Shannon Haas, I knew that she was a person of candor and sincerity.  We decided to retain Drip Drop to provide consultation services to learn about starting an IV vitamin business.  We sent several of our Senior Management to go for a full day training at the Drip Drop IV bar in Bee Caves, Texas.  Shannon was prepared and organized for our group and provided all of her business materials.  She reviewed each document with our team and discussed the background of each.  She shared specific examples and things she has learned along the way as she developed her business.  As part of our training we toured the Drip Drop infusion area and observed the entire infusion process.  Our clinical staff were very impressed with the professionalism of the Drip Drop RNs.  The Drip Drop infusion area is set inside and surrounded by the beautiful Alive + Well center.  The decor and setting far exceeded our expectations in its beauty and innovation.  The careful attention to detail in the beautiful physical setting demonstrated the thoughtful care given to its clients, including us!  Everyone was delightful and forthright with all of their advice and experience.  We not only walked away with a great start for beginning our IV vitamin business but with great relationships with these kind, caring people at DripDrop, too.  We have friends in the business now!  Thank you Shannon and everyone at Drip Drop!”

“Opening a new business has been overwhelming. The biggest win from our Drip Drop Consultation was being able to create an IV Infusion Bar that is custom-tailored to our client’s needs. The presentation was simple and well-organized. Needless to say, this business consultation is priceless!”

The Best Thing I Could Have Done
“I found Shannon at Drip Drop after doing hours of useless researching to start my vitamin infusion business and decided using her consulting services would be very beneficial. This was the best thing I could have done!! She gave me lots of vendors and contact info along with drip dosages and verbiage along with consent forms. This helped me get my business up and going so much faster. It is also helpful to tell patients that I used a consulting company that consist of a pharmacist, nutritionist, and physician! Thank you Shannon!”

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